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FORS Bronze Accreditation – show how serious you are about vulnerable road user safety and fleet management in 30 days.

Do you run a fleet of HGVs, vans, mini-buses, coaches or any other vehicle as part of your business?

If you’re after an industry-recognised accreditation that shows your business is serious about road safety and good transport operations, achieving the FORS Bronze Accreditation with JCS Transport Consultancy is a good move.

Why choose JCS Transport? 

JCS is one of the UK’s leading FORS practitioners with more than 45 years’ combined industry experience and over 400 audits under our belt. We are also FORS Gold Accreditation holders. We can help to fast-track your FORS accreditation in just 30 days.

Through providing expert consultancy and FORS audits, we’ve help all type of HGV operators achieve FORS at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels. Our knowledge and expertise speaks for itself. We have helped many clients to achieve their accreditation with flying colours, including Croydon Council, Cordwallis Group, TDW Distribution, Wilson & Scott, and Access Solutions.

What is fors accreditation? 

FORS stands for the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme.  It’s a national accreditation scheme that promotes safety and good practice for commercial vehicle operators.

FORS Bronze is the entry level award. It proves that a business complies with high standards of vehicle safety, environmental impact and operational matters like vulnerable road user protection, fuel and tyre usage.

While FORS is voluntary, it makes strong business sense to become accredited as it opens the door to new commercial opportunities. These days, more and more big contracts will only consider tenders from companies that have FORS accredited status.

At JCS Transport, we can help your business to gain FORS bronze, silver or gold accreditation. We will ensure your entire fleet adheres to FORS guidelines and, if you would like us to manage your FORS accreditation, we can do that too. 



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FORS Bronze Accreditation FAQs

What is FORS Bronze?

FORS Bronze is the first step onto the FORS ladder. Some operators stay at bronze while others progress through the silver and gold levels.

Bronze level demonstrates your dedication to vulnerable road user protection, driver and vehicle safety as well as better operations.  

Going through the FORS Bronze audit process helps you to consider how to implement smarter methods within your organisation that improve safety, make big cost-savings and produce a safer and cleaner transport operation.

You can check the eligibility criteria for your bronze accreditation by contacting us on 0333 987 4657

How can JCS Transport Consultants help you get FORS Bronze?

Going for FORS Bronze involves reviewing the way your business functions and where necessary, introducing new measures that align with the FORS standard requirements.

JCS Transport Consultants are specialist FORS practitioners who can advise on achieving FORS Bronze. Furthermore, our fast-track accreditation service can help you reach it in just 30 days if time is an issue*.

JCS Transport was founded by Jamie Campbell, a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (FCILT).

We have more than 45 years’ combined FORS expertise and a reputation for quality and trustworthiness as proved in our customer reviews listed here on TrustPilot. 

JCS’s Transport Consultants are all current and active FORS auditors. We’ve helped many companies achieve and maintain their FORS accreditations, including the London Borough of Croydon, the Cordwallis Group, TDW Distribution, Wilson & Scott, and Access Solutions Scaffolding.

We know our stuff and can help with all your FORS needs.


What’s involved in getting FORS Bronze accreditation?

Depending on your current level of compliance, if you feel ready to achieve FORS accreditation, JCS can provide a FORS pre-audit.  

A pre-audit is an exact mirror of the FORS Audit. It will be completed by a current and active FORS auditor and will highlight any areas that need improvement. 

This will leave you with a GAP analysis report on what needs to be corrected or implemented before you actually undergo your FORS audit.

Or JCS can provide a Full Access to Accreditation Service with the option to sign up to our retained service.

Learn from one of the leading FORS experts in the UK

How our FORS Bronze Accreditation works

Unlike some other transport consultancies that vary their price (normally upwards), JCS works on a standard pricing structure. This applies whether you operate one or 100 vehicles.

We have helped 300+ operators achieve this prestigious accreditation. As a current FORS Associate, a FORS Gold accreditaton holder, and pre-audit provider (as well as active FORS auditor), recent feedback on our services can be viewed by following these links


TrustPilot Reviews

The FORS Audit process itself is not to be underestimated. It is a very thorough audit.

The service we provide would include two days on site by either Jamie or one of our consultants (also current FORS auditors). It would include construction of a transport management system and drivers handbook tailored to your current operations (unlike many others) and the FORS standard requirements, currently v5.1.

Day 1

Would be an overview of your current operating procedures, a basic transport compliance audit and information gathering to enable the construction of the transport management system (FORS is a mix of transport compliance and best practice).

Day 2

Would be delivery of the constructed documents and guidance on how to implement these in preparation for the FORS audit.

We expect our clients to achieve accreditation within 30 days of delivery of the transport management system.  This is to enable you to communicate all of the requirements to your drivers and for them to complete the required e-Learning modules.

Once you are fully compliant with everything in place, a rigorous FORS audit will take place

JCS Transport will be there every step of the way to provide help and advice. We will ensure your business is fully prepared and ready to be inspected.

Passing the audit and being awarded FORS accreditation is evidence that your business follows the best procedures in fleet operations. It puts you one step ahead of your competition.

You can check the eligibility criteria for your bronze accreditation by contacting us on 0333 987 4657

We’re the professionals who can steer you on the road to FORS success. Ready to start your FORS journey? Contact us today.

*subject to FORS Auditor availability.

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Excellent communication and training.

Excellent communication and training. Support is always at the end of the phone when needed. Highly recommended.

Tristan Stocker (Birmingham, 4th July 2019)


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