JCS Smartanalysis can be accessed securely 24/7, providing you have an internet connection.


You are required by UK legislation to undergo a tachograph analysis regardless of what type of tachograph you use on your vehicle whether it’s a digital or analogue. JCS SmartAnalysis can help you obtain fast and efficient analysis for you through an online tool called SmartAnalysis. We offer online digital tachograph analysis; standalone digital tachograph analysis software; analogue tachograph analysis; and even a combination of digital and analogue; all developed to provide you with a variety of reports and alert you to infringements, so you can address any issues.

how jcs smartanalysis works

JCS Smartanalysis can be accessed securely 24/7, providing you have an internet connection. You send us your tachograph charts and digital data and you can then access the analysis and simple reports via the analysis website. With our service, you receive comprehensive information about your drivers’ hours, working time regulations and much more. Straight-forward reports make it easy for you to interpret your data and take any necessary action to maintain compliance. You can also sign up for specific reports and have them emailed directly to you, giving you all the information you need, whenever and wherever you need it.

smartanalysis features and benefits

  • Web-based service
  • Your data is safe, secure and available online 24/7
  • Integrated analogue and digital tachograph data analysis
  • You only pay for the driver data you submit – vehicle unit downloads are free
  • Over 100 standard reports available
  • Reports you want can be sent straight to your email inbox
  • Seamless analysis of all your tachograph data
  • Cost effective, especially for fleets with agency or part time drivers
  • Make sense of your tachograph data
  • Information at your fingertips when you need it


excellent value for money

  • Our service represents excellent value – there is no fixed ‘per-driver-per-week’ fee
  • Digital driver data is charged at 25p per driver per working day. For analogue charts, we charge 35p for each chart we analyse – all vehicle unit downloads are free
  • There is no minimum contract and you only pay for the driver data and charts you submit

Dedicated Telephone support for Tachograph Analysis

Our specialist transport management service also includes a dedicated telephone support line. Contact us now if you have any further questions and one of our representatives will be able to assist you further.

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