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JCS is one of the UK’s leading FORS practitioners with more than 45 years’ combined industry experience and over 400 audits under our belt. We can help to fast-track your FORS accreditation in just 30 days.

Through providing expert consultancy and FORS audits, we’ve help all type of HGV operators achieve FORS at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels. Our knowledge and expertise speaks for itself. We have helped many clients to achieve their accreditation with flying colours, including Croydon Council, Cordwallis Group, TDW Distribution, Wilson & Scott, and Access Solutions.

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What is FORS?

The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) is a national scheme that promotes good practice for commercial vehicle operators. The accreditation’s main objective is to raise quality and efficiency standards within fleets to the highest levels. FORS focuses on educating and improving best practice procedures in safety, efficiency, and environmental protection.

The result is that your company will manage work-related road risk (WRRR) better. FORS is open to operators of vans, lorries, mini-buses, coaches and other vehicles as well as to the organisations that award contracts to those operators. While voluntary, FORS accreditation makes strong business sense.

As well as demonstrating that your firm meets high standards, you’ll be opening up new opportunities for growth because more and more companies now insist their suppliers and contractors must be FORS accredited in order to be considered for contracts. They want to cover themselves and FORS is your way of helping them to do that. In addition, the fuel efficiency you’ll achieve as a result of your FORS accreditation can lead to significant cost savings as well as being less harmful to the environment.

We help you attain Gold, Silver & Bronze FORS accreditation

As well as making sure your business achieves and maintains its FORS accreditation at Bronze Level, we can also help you achieve the prestigious Silver and Gold FORS status. These awards recognise the very best standards and practice in road transport management and put you one step ahead of the competition.


FORS Gold accreditation requires your organisation to follow best practice procedures throughout your supply chain and to demonstrate your have made improvements against the findings captured with the FORS Silver standard.

You can check the eligibility criteria for your gold accreditation by simply contacting one of our representatives on 0333 987 4657


FORS Silver accreditation is confirmation that you have best practice procedures in place and that your fleet is compliant with the CLOCS Standard for Construction Logistics and with TfL’s WRRR (Work Related Road Risk).

You can check the eligibility criteria for your silver accreditation by simply contacting one of our representatives on 0333 987 4657


FORS Bronze accreditation is the entry level qualification that confirms operators adhere to good practice and comply with FORS standards in relation to vehicle safety, operational usage such as fuel and tyre usage, and environmental impact.

You can check the eligibility criteria for your bronze accreditation by simply contacting one of our representatives on 0333 987 4657

Why choose JCS Transport Consultancy as your FORS support partner?

JCS Transport Consultancy are qualified and specialist FORS practitioners who will help you meet all your FORS requirements. Our founder Jamie Campbell is a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (FCILT) and an expert in the field of road transport.

The JCS team has 45 years’ combined experience in haulage and fleet management. We know our stuff. All consultants employed by JCS are current and active FORS auditors and together we have completed over 400 audits on behalf of the scheme. We’re the professionals who can steer you on the road to FORS success.

Companies we’ve helped with FORS Accreditation

We are continuously updating our training to ensure our customers get the very best advice possible. To date, JCS Transport has helped many leading operators to achieve FORS accreditation. Our clients include;

Call us to learn about our FORS Accreditation Fast-Track scheme on

0333 987 4657

The FORS mid-term status audit

It’s not easy to maintain FORS accreditation. At Bronze level, you’ll be reviewing and conducting eyesight checks and driver licence checks at six monthly intervals, as well as reviewing policies and procedures annually. Silver and Gold levels require annual submission of the application as well as an onsite Bronze audit which is extended to every two years instead of every year.
This is because the FORS standard is updated every two years and in order to remain compliant with gold, you’ll need to satisfy the requirements for bronze. It is therefore beneficial to undergo a JCS Transport Consultancy ‘mid-term audit’ to help you prepare and give you added confidence in advance of your formal FORS review.

Learn more about the FORS (Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme)

Want to learn a little more about how FORS accreditation can help your business? View the video below.

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Get in contact today to arrange your mid-term status audit and boost your chances of retaining your hard-earned FORS accreditation.


FORS accreditation isn’t a straight-forward process for many businesses. Fortunately, we are here to guide you through the entire FORS process. In the meantime, we have answer some common questions we receive from HGV operators.
What is involved in a FORS audit?
The FORS audit seeks evidence of systems, procedures and documentation that shows you’re meeting the FORS requirements. An audit will look at all aspects of your fleet’s safety, fuel efficiency, vehicle emissions and operational processes. The first step towards FORS compliance with JCS Transport Consultancy is an initial assessment of your business. We then work with you to create a Transport Management System designed around your specific vehicle fleet and operational needs. The systems and processes we create are robust enough to ensure you will pass your FORS audit and achieve accreditation. Please note, our offer does not include writing your company’s health and safety policy or risk assessments, although we can help you prepare these.
What are the benefits of FORS accreditation?
As well as demonstrating your commitment to driver and road safety, having FORS accreditation can help you win new business – and avoid losing existing customers. At JCS Transport Consultancy, we believe FORS is a driving force for real improvement and change in the road haulage and fleet management industry.
After I have my FORS, will I be re-audited?
If you remain at Bronze level an onsite audit will have to be completed every year. Once at Silver or Gold FORS, onsite audits are completed every two years. Those who are renewing their Gold and Silver accreditations will also have to provide evidence annually. For more information and to help in preparing for your annual audit you can download an audit toolkit here, from the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme website.