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Driver CPC Training for Qualified Drivers | JCS Transport

WHAT IS driver cpc training?

We often get asked, what is driver CPC?

The answer is simple. It’s periodic training for all drivers of lorries, buses or coaches to ensure you’re up-to-date with knowledge and fully compliant with safety standards.

All commercial HGV drivers are required by law to undergo 35 hours of driver CPC training every five years to receive a driver certificate of professional competence (CPC) card or ‘driver qualification card’ (DQC).

Your driver CPC card shows you’ve completed training underpinned by standards established by the European Union that ensure all professional drivers are both competent and proficient.

Driver CPC training courses we deliver

Different courses cover different parts of the Driver CPC syllabus.

We run driver CPC training in TruckSmart, Staying Legal, Safe Urban Driving or Lo-City Driving.

The Safe Urban Driving and Lo-City Driving programmes also complement the FORS accreditation silver and gold awards. So if a driver undergoes FORS silver or FORS gold accreditation, their hours can be counted as part of their driver CPC training.

TruckSmart training focuses on the skills needed to achieve full compliance with regulations and keep vehicles safe and roadworthy at all times.

The Staying Legal course helps drivers better understand the regulatory framework and provides best practice guidance to help ensure they comply with important rules and regulations.

Safe Urban Driving is training for all commercial drivers of HGVs using such vehicles in the urban environment and where there are high volumes of vulnerable road-users like cyclists and pedestrians.

All three awards are driver CPC training accredited and offer the very best standards and practice in road transport management that put you one step ahead of the competition.

Not sure what training is right for you? Contact us on 0333 987 4657 and let us help you identify the CPC driver course that’s right for you.

CPC certification – a must-have for HGV drivers

The government requires all professional drivers holding a category C or category D licence to have CPC certification in order to drive legally.

As well as this group, all operators (eg, haulage and transport businesses) of HGV and PCV vehicles must also have CPC certification.

Any individual or entity who believes the possibility of an exemption exists should consult with a transport lawyer.

If you’re caught driving without CPC or your CPC certification expired before 1 March 2020 you can be fined up to £1,000. You’ll be expected to finish your driver CPC training before being allowed to drive professionally once more.

If your driver CPC is current but you are caught driving professionally without your CPC card you can receive a £50 fixed penalty fine.

Driver CPC Training for Qualified Drivers | JCS Transport

CPC certification help, training & guidance

JCS Transport Consultancy can help you identify the course that’s right for all your driver CPC training needs.

We’re a highly-experienced, well-trusted team of specialists in road transport with a long list of happy customers (check out our 5-star reviews on TrustPilot).

With JCS Transport Consultancy’s expertise, you can rest assured that all your CPC driver training needs are covered.

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