Licence revoked for an operator who failed to understand the importance of undertakings.

A public inquiry recently carried out saw an operator have its licence taken away for not putting enough importance on the undertakings it agreed to when applying for the operator’s licence.

On three separate occasions, the operator had vehicles stopped and each time they were overloaded.

Worryingly the director was unaware of the driver hours’ rules and an audit was carried out on the company which showed there was no compliance and the director in question had “a lot to learn.”

Vehicles were also being driven by a driver who didn’t have the right entitlement, and a vehicle which wasn’t specified on the licence was driven for a full month without a valid MOT.

The West Midlands Traffic Commissioner, Nick Denton, said it was clear the operator failed to understand “even the basic requirements and responsibilities relating to HGV operations and licensing”. The regulator also told the company ‘should be under no illusion about how difficult it would be to overcome its very poor history and have any future licence application approved’.


JCS Transport offers a continuous transport management service to holders of restricted operator’s licences to ensure that they comply with their legal obligations.

In effect, we act as your in-house Transport Manager – without the overheads!

This service is designed for operators who:

  • Are not fully conversant in the regulations relating to their operator’s licence and vehicles
  • Do not feel confident enough or have the relevant experience to manage the entire transport operation
  • Are too busy to manage the transport side of their business
  • Do not have the budget or need for an in-house Transport Manager Our full transport management service includes:
  • Ensuring all current and future drivers are fully aware of the driver’s hours and tachograph regulations
  • Analysing digital tachograph data to ensure driver’s hours and working time regulations are being adhered to
  • Inspection of maintenance records to ensure all vehicles are being properly inspected and maintained
  • Establishing and maintaining a driver defect reporting system
  • Managing individual vehicle files to identify forthcoming expiry of MOTs, vehicle tax or tachograph inspection and calibration certificates
  • Regular on-site visits – from once a week to once a year – whatever you need

Our specialist transport management service also includes 24-hour a day telephones support.

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FORS Silver and Gold Accreditation

As well as making sure your business achieves and maintains its FORS accreditation at Bronze Level, we can also help you achieve the prestigious Silver and Gold FORS status.

These awards recognise the very best standards and practice in road transport management and put you one step ahead of the competition.

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