NewsHuge fine shows devastating impact of poorly-trained HGV drivers

July 27, 2018by SM0

Fleet transport operators have been reminded of the importance of risk assessments and driver training, after a timber company was fined £730,000 following an HSE investigation.

Two employees of Palmer Timber Ltd. in Cradley Heath, West Midlands, were seriously injured when they were hit by a side-loader lift truck as they crossed the yard in their workplace. 

The company pleaded guilty to breaching Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) regulations after failing to ensure measures were in place to allow vehicles and pedestrians to circulate the vehicle in a safe manner.

HGV driver rules exist to protect your business and other road users

Completing robust risk assessments and arranging training for drivers takes time and money but, failing to do so can bring fines which could effectively finish your business and result in loss of life.

Holding and keeping your Operator Licence means managing and monitoring your drivers’ compliance with key health and safety requirements designed to protect you, your drivers and other road users.

Risk assessments are vital

Carrying out risk assessments allows transport operators and their drivers to identify and mitigate against key risks that could be faced as part of the company’s operational activities.

Vehicle Loading (General or Tipper Operations)

Every year, over 4,000 successful prosecutions are brought against drivers and operators for carrying unsafe loads and over 50% of vehicles weighed by the DVSA are found overweight. 

An insecure load or overloaded vehicle can affect the vehicle’s centre of gravity and put undue strain on components such as brakes, steering and suspension, causing the vehicle to be unsafe. 

Falling from Vehicles

More than 2,000 serious injuries to people falling from vehicles are reported to the HSE each year. 

Many injuries are broken arms or legs, resulting in weeks off work and possible loss of earnings. 

People don’t have to fall far to land hard. A good understanding of the hazards of working at height and applying techniques and procedures may prevent injury and could save lives. 

Vehicle Manoeuvring

Nearly a quarter of all deaths involving vehicles at work occur during reversing and slow speed manoeuvring. 

Many of these incidents do not result in injury, but cause costly damage to vehicles, equipment and premises. 

Applying control measures will provide simple precautions and help you to apply straight-forward techniques that may prevent damage, injury and could save lives. 

Use of In-Cab Technology

Mobile phones have many benefits but the consequences of using them whilst in a vehicle can be catastrophic, for your drivers, other road users and for your business.

It’s vital your drivers are fully aware of their responsibilities to use technology in a safe and appropriate way.

Need help with driver training and risk assessments?

JCS Transport Consultancy works closely with business owners and transport operators to create robust transport management processes and policies that cover and protect your company drivers and vehicles.

From personalised risk assessments to driver training, JCS Transport Consultancy can help.

We offer a full transport management service with 24-hour access and support, as well as ongoing training and advice.

Knowledge and experience you can trust

JCS Transport Consultancy are a Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) Approved Pre-Audit Provider.

Director Jamie Campbell CMILT, is a Qualified FORS Auditor and Practitioner and has conducted over 450 FORS audits on behalf of the prestigious Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme.

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These awards recognise the very best standards and practice in road transport management and put you one step ahead of the competition.

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JCS Transport Consultancy was setup by Managing Director Jamie Campbell, a Chartered Fellow of the Institute of Logistics and Transport (FCILT), has over 24 years’ experience in road transport operations and is an Approved FORS Pre-Audit provider.

About Us

JCS Transport Consultancy was setup by Managing Director Jamie Campbell, a Chartered Fellow of the Institute of Logistics and Transport (FCILT), has over 24 years’ experience in road transport operations and is an Approved FORS Pre-Audit provider.

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