Technology is playing an increasingly important role in helping fleet transport operators to stay on the right side of the law and keep their bank balance in the black.

Being able to monitor driver hours and the condition of fleet vehicles remotely is helping transport managers and business owners to act swiftly and decisively to avoid reputation-damaging safety issues.

Raising driver safety standards also drives new business

Having instant access to drivers’ hours and licence status using web-based tools like SmartLicence and SmartAnalysis, provides real-time evidence of compliance with Operator Licensing regulations.

And, as well as providing peace of mind for licenced transport operators, investment in new technologies is also a vital tool in winning new business.

Proving compliance is a top priority when it comes to awarding new transport contracts

Any companies fighting to win new fleet transport contracts will know that the battle is not won or lost on price alone.

Increasingly, transport tenders will only consider companies who belong to nationally-recognised fleet transport accreditation schemes and can demonstrate robust digital monitoring and reporting processes.

New DVSA Earned Recognition (ER) Scheme

The recently-launched DVSA Earned Recognition (ER) scheme is designed to raise safety standards in the fleet transport industry and allow enforcement activity to focus on “high risk” operators.

In addition to reducing the likelihood of your vehicles being stopped for random roadside inspections, membership of the DVSA ER scheme is likely to become the new “must have” for HGV and PSV operators when it comes to winning new contracts.

Recording vehicle and driver information electronically is the key

Under the scheme, transport operators must have digital reporting systems for vehicle maintenance and drivers’ hours which can track key performance indicators and relay them electronically to the DVSA.

The DVSA itself lists the top benefit of the ER scheme as “being able to prove you are an exemplary operator when you bid for contracts.”

FORS Accreditation is still the “Oscar “of fleet operator management awards

The Fleet Operators Recognition Scheme (FORS) is voluntary, but the rewards of a successful application can be financially significant and long-lasting.

Like the DVSA Earned Recognition Scheme, gaining prestigious FORS accreditation can tip the scales for fleet transport operators applying for high-value contracts. 

The biggest winner is road safety and better standards

Of course, every award, recognition scheme and membership programme is designed to raise the profile of the fleet transport industry and ultimately, improve road safety by improving the quality of heavy goods vehicles and their drivers.

Love them or loathe them, recognition schemes and awards are here to stay and the potential cost of not investing in the technology needed to gain external recognition is increasing all the time. 

So, even if you’re a self-confessed technophobe, it’s time to investigate how today’s technologies could help your transport business and seek external help if you need it.

How JCS Transport Consultancy can help

We provide a comprehensive range of transport management services and help fleet transport operators meet their legal obligations and run robust, compliant transport operations.

As a registered Pre-Audit provider for FORS, managing director Jamie Campbell says technology has transformed the way companies organise their transport operations – for the better. 

The most successful fleet transport companies have embraced new technology

Jamie says, “Companies thriving in the fleet transport industry have got to the top by embracing new technology and using it to help them run their transport fleets more safely and efficiently.”

JCS Transport Consultancy creates transport management systems for a wide range of fleet transport operators and can help these businesses gain valuable FORS accreditation.

Call us today on 0333 987 4657 for an informal discussion on how JCS Transport Consultancy can help take your business to the next level.

FORS Silver and Gold Accreditation

As well as making sure your business achieves and maintains its FORS accreditation at Bronze Level, we can also help you achieve the prestigious Silver and Gold FORS status.

These awards recognise the very best standards and practice in road transport management and put you one step ahead of the competition.

Start your journey to FORS accreditation

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