Operator Licencing

If you operate a goods vehicle or vehicle and trailer combination that weighs 3.5 tonnes or more, you must hold an operator’s licence


As a general rule, if you operate a goods vehicle or vehicle and trailer combination that weighs 3.5 tonnes or more, you must hold an operator’s licence. At JCS Transport Consultancy, we provide a full Transport Management service for companies who hold a Restricted Licence. We also carry out Compliance Audits on the request of the company or on behalf of the Traffic Commissioner for all licences and can take care of the licence application process – leaving you free to do what you do best. We will start by checking if you need a licence, there are exceptions to the licence requirements and we can advise you on whether you need a licence to lawfully conduct your business along with the type of licence.

Restricted Licence

A Restricted Licence allows you to transport your own goods in order to carry out your business. For example, a scaffolding company who transports materials between sites will need a Restricted Licence. A Restricted Licence does not allow you to carry goods for other people for hire or reward. Companies who hold a Restricted Licence are not required to employ a full-time qualified person (Transport Manager) to oversee their operations. However, your business must have the systems and processes in place to demonstrate you comply with all areas covered by a Restricted Licence.

these include

  • Driver hours regulations
  • Correct use of Tachographs and record-keeping
  • Vehicles operate within speed limits and are not overloaded
  • Vehicles are kept in a fit and serviceable condition at all times
  • An effective driver defect reporting system
  • Maintenance records for all inspections and repairs
  • Proof that the number of vehicles being operated and the location of operating centres are permitted by the operator’s licence
  • Process for notifying the Traffic Commissioner of any changes relating to the operator or overall transport operation


Your business is unique and so are your transport management operations and needs. When you work with JCS, we will create a bespoke Transport Management Service exclusively to meet the needs of your business and ways of working. Our practical approach makes it easier for you and your workforce to understand, embed and comply with your obligations. It also saves you money by highlighting areas you can easily manage in-house. 


This licence allows you to carry your own goods and goods for other people for hire or reward in the UK and Internationally. Holders of a Standard International Licence are also issued with Community Authorisations which are needed for all hire and / or reward operations to member European Union countries. Community and bi-lateral permits are required for travel to or through non-EU countries. 

HOW JCS CAN HELP you further

Once we establish what type of licence you require, we can assist you with the following:​

  • Complete the GV79 application form
  • Complete the INT1 form if an Interim Operator’s Licence is required
  • Complete the TM1 form if a Transport Manager is required
  • Advise you on the financial information you must provide and the evidence to substantiate your submission
  • Respond on your behalf to information requested by the Office of the Traffic Commissioner

there are 3 types of operator licencing

Please let us know which licence you are currently after. There are 3 types of operator licences that can help you with your company requirements. Please contact us now.

Restricted Operator Licence 

allows you to transport your own goods as part of your business operations

Standard National Licence 

allows you to transport goods for hire or sale within the UK

Standard International Licence 

allows you to transport goods for hire or sale internationally

Application For HGV/PSV UK Operators Licence | JCS Transport
Application For HGV/PSV UK Operators Licence | JCS Transport
Application For HGV/PSV UK Operators Licence | JCS Transport


We offer a continuous transport management service to holders of restricted operator’s licences to ensure that they comply with their legal obligations. In effect, we act as your in-house Transport Manager – without the overheads! This service is designed for operators who:

  • Are not fully conversant in the regulations relating to their operator’s licence and vehicles
  • Do not feel confident enough or have the relevant experience to manage the entire transport operation
  • Are too busy to manage the transport side of their business
  • Do not have the budget or need for an in-house Transport Manager

Our full transport management service includes:

  • Ensuring all current and future drivers are fully aware of the driver’s hours and tachograph regulations
  • Analysing digital tachograph data to ensure driver’s hours and working time regulations are being adhered to
  • Inspection of maintenance records to ensure all vehicles are being properly inspected and maintained
  • Establishing and maintaining a driver defect reporting system
  • Managing individual vehicle files to identify forthcoming expiry of MOTs, vehicle tax or tachograph inspection and calibration certificates
  • Regular on-site visits – from once a week to once a year – whatever you need

telephone support

Our specialist transport management service also includes a 24 hour telephone support line for retained clients. Contact us now if you have any further questions and one of our specialist will be able to assist you further.

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