Driver Licence Checks – SmartLicence

JCS SmartLicence is a comprehensive online tool for managing driving licence evidencing that relevant members of your staff are compliant with current regulations.

Our service enables you to assess and monitor the risks of your licensed drivers and customise the risk levels, audit periods and schedule advance warnings to suit your business.

SmartLicence is the industry-leading online driver licence checking system thanks to its simplicity and functionality.


How does JCS Smartlicence work?

JCS Smartlicence provides comprehensive, easy to understand information for all your licensed drivers.

  • Date of next licence check
  • Colour-coded risk flags, based on any endorsements
  • A mandate to receive driver record information directly from the DVLA
  • Full licence history
  • Any warning notices
  • Banned drivers – the service allows you to ban drivers independently of the DVLA, preventing the highest risk drivers from working for your company.
  • Fast search facility

Scanned images of each licence, along with the mandate to access information from the DVLA, are stored in our secure data centre facility.

A historical log is kept for all driver checks, evidencing their continued entitlement to drive for your business.